About Us

DRD Tactical was founded in 2010 after being challenged to build a 7.62mm rifle that fit in a briefcase to meet the whitepaper request for the Clandestine Sniper Rifle project listed by Joint and Special Operations Program. After two years of design and testing, DRD Tactical went into production on the PARATUS®. In designing the PARATUS®, two patents were developed – quick barrel change and internal recoil system. These two patents would become the backbone of future rifles developed for DRD Tactical. DRD Tactical is built on a passion for building handcrafted American made firearms and developing innovative solutions. This isn’t a mass production operation where parts can be overlooked. We ensure maximum power, extreme range, and precise accuracy from start to finish by building each handcrafted rifle one at a time. That level of attention to detail through the manufacturing process ensures each firearm created is a masterpiece.

Like an artist’s signature on piece, DRD Tactical leaves its signature on every firearm built. The unique sculpting of the magwell in addition to the finger rest grooves machined above the trigger and hammer pins gives DRD Tactical its true authenticity. 

The product offering expanded to include long distance sniper rifles, AR patterned rifles as well as machine guns. We set a new standard for covert, concealable, accurate firearms. DRD Tactical.  Discreet. Reliable. Precise.

DRD Tactical specializes in Patented Quick Takedown Rifles that are designed for compact portability and discreet carry. Providing you the power you need, without the need for traditional bulky & heavy long gun cases.

Designed to work anywhere your mission takes you, our weapons utilize battle proven technology to ensure our rifles are reliable.

All DRD firearms are American made by hardworking American craftsman using the highest quality US materials. Our precision CNC machining and coating processes ensure that each rifle produced is accurate.