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Director L7 .300 Blackout Linear Compensator


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Director L7 .300 Blackout Linear Compensator

Direct gas & concussion forward and see increased performance with DRD Tactical’s Director L7.  Designed for .300 blackout ARs, this linear compensator offers a more comfortable shooting experience by pushing excess noise towards the target.  Shooters also can experience reduced muzzle blast and rise with the quick installation of the L7 on their .300BLK AR.  Made from 416 stainless, heat treated and finished in black nitride, the Director L7 also comes with a crush washer.  Features 5/8”x24 threads.


  1. Make sure firearm is unloaded.
  2. Place the supplied crush washer, small end first on the barrel threads (never reuse crush washer).
  3. Hand tighten until it stops against the crush washer.
  4. Using a 7/8” wrench, tighten a minimum of approximately ¼ turn. Do not exceed more than one rotation from hand tight.

To clean, use Shooter’s Choice Bio-based Bore Cleaner.



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