How does the patented quick change barrel work?
The patented quick barrel change technology is utilized across our entire portfolio of products. With a unique barrel nut, firearms can be mission ready deployable in just 60 seconds. The quick barrel change not only offers the benefit of being able to assemble your firearm quickly and easily but it also offers modularity. Purchased the APTUS® in 5.56mm but want a .300BLK version too? Simply buy the barrel and swap it out and you’re ready to go. With this technology, gone are the days of needing to purchase another complete upper to change calibers.

What is the patented internal recoil system?
The patented internal recoil system is currently utilized on the PARATUS® and APTUS® firearm platforms. This distinctive technology allows the user to fire the weapon with the stock folded. Maintain in the ready in close quarter battle situations with this specialized feature.

How do I order a firearm if my local dealer doesn’t carry your products?
You can contact us directly at 1-855-DRD-GEAR or email our sales team at sales@drdtactical.com

How do I become a reseller?
Contact us at 1-855-DRD-GEAR or email us at sales@drdtactical.com with a copy of your current FFL (terms & restrictions may apply).

Where can I order spare parts?
To obtain replacement parts, please contact us at 1-855-DRD-GEAR or sales@drdtactical.com

Can I interchange parts on the Paratus and Aptus with other manufacturer AR parts?
DRD firearms are mainly manufactured with proprietary parts and accessories. Please contact DRD Tactical at 1-855-DRD-GEAR or sales@drdtactical.com for further questions on customizability of your particular firearm model.

Will any chemicals damage the Battleworn finish?
Otis Technology and Shooter’s Choice chemicals are recommended and will not damage your DRD Rifle. With any chemical, it’s always recommended to try in a small inconspicuous area first. If color transfers or changes, do not use the product.

What's with all the toolmarks on the Battleworn finish?
Due to the unique NiB Battleworn plating process, tooling marks may become more visible - no one firearm with this finish looks like another. Returns are not accepted. 

How do I clean my firearm?
DRD rifles are easy to clean given the patented quick takedown. This gives you quick & easy access to the chamber & barrel extension. We recommend using Otis Technology or Shooter’s Choice cleaning kits. Check out otistec.com or shooters-choice.com for more information.